Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kroger's new Private Selection Line of Frozen Foods.

  I was provided three different products to try through BzzAgent, the chocolate lava cakes, vanilla cream puffs, and the BBQ Chicken Pizza.

    Their pizza lines are flat bread pizza in an oblong shape. The crust was perfect. Loved it. The BBQ chicken was just ok. The chicken flavoring seemed a little weird and the sauce was too much. However, I would buy it again. I also bought the pepperoni and roasted garlic, but I haven't tried it yet. 

   My favorite item was the vanilla cream puffs. Ohmigoodness, these were yummy. I could have almost eaten the whole box myself. I served them for Thanksgiving and they went pretty quickly. They were super creamy and tasted amazing. I have no criticisms for these. 

  The chocolate lava cakes were good. I didn't think they were very lava-like, more like chocolate cake with some fudge in it. It did satisfy my chocolate craving. I would buy them again. 

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