Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Week 25

How far along? 25 weeks
 Total weight gain/loss: Only 8 lbs! I have no idea how this has happened but I'll take it!
 Maternity clothes? Half and half. Most of the time around the house, I'm in regular clothes still but will throw on some maternity clothes when I go out because they fit better.
 Stretch marks? Some, but I think they are still from the pregnancy will Maddy.
 Movement: Lots! Its started getting the not cute kicks this week. Like the ones where you push on your stomach trying to move her position
 Food cravings: I'm stuck on bed rest so I just miss having cooked food.
 Have you started to show yet: Yep.
 Gender: Precious little girl!
 Labor Signs: No
 Belly Button in or out? Still in
 Wedding rings on or off? No problems there yet.
 Sleeping: Ok. Having a hard time falling asleep because I'm stuck in bed all day and not burning enough energy off.
 Mood: Pretty Good.

I need to get start preparing for the baby but I'm stuck with studying for the bar exam!One more week and I can focus on baby Abigail!

Investing for your Children

nvesting For Your Children

As any parent understands, one of the most important things about raising children is providing them with opportunities to be successful in the future. This is a very broad concept, and can mean anything from providing a safe home environment, to paying for college, to teaching them how to manage money. Whatever the case, however, any parent who hopes to do the best possible job of preparing his or her children for success and opportunity ought to understand that there are various types of investment opportunities that can be of great assistance with this sort of effort. It is very hard to consistently earn income that can both provide for your family and your future, which is why it is essential to invest, provided that you know what you’re doing.

The most popular sort of investment that most people think of is putting money behind stocks in the stock market. Essentially, the idea is that you buy small shares of companies, and the success or failure of those companies will cause those shares to increase or decrease in value, respectively. You can then sell back the shares for a profit or loss depending on the stock market activity. People who understand how to read trends and predict company performance can have a great deal of success with this sort of investment opportunity, and this is a good way to make money in the long term, if you have a talent for it. However, this sort of investment is designed with inherent risk, and meant to give you an opportunity to make money. For a parent looking to keep finances stable for the future, an investment designed around the idea of stability may make more sense.

If indeed stability is what you’re looking for, you may want to look into an entirely different sort of investment: precious metals. Investing in gold bullion, for example, may not be as familiar a concept to you, but it is quite simple, and can provide you with a means of keeping the value of your money stable. To explore investing in gold, you need only go to a relevant website like, where you will be able to purchase any amount of gold that you desire. But why do so? Simply put, currency can rise and fall in value as a result of economic shifts, whereas gold bullion tends to be somewhat unchanging by comparison (though some shifts do occur). This means that if you invest a chunk of your money in gold and leave it be over time, then that amount will be protected against potential downshifts in the value of your currency, provided that the value of gold sees no similar shifts. If you monitor you r investment carefully, this can be a great way to preserve wealth for the future.

This is a guest post on behalf of Bullion Vault by Sam Lillard. Sam writes frequently on the topics of financial strategy and investment opportunities.