Sunday, August 28, 2011

The basics of saving money!

So everyday for the next week or so I am going to post about the simple basics of how to save money. Lately, friends have been asking me how I manage to save all of this money, so I thought I would start a small series!

1. Do NOT make assumptions about prices. This is with stores, brands, etc. For instance, just because Wal-mart advertises that they have the lowest prices. This is not true. Do not assume that a store brand is always cheaper than a brand name. Also, do not assume that a brand name is cheaper with a coupon then a store brand. Take 5 minutes and do the math!

2. Always pair coupons with sales! If an item isn't on sale, save the coupon until it goes on sale!

3. Follow blogs that do coupon matchups for your favorite stores. I love and If you google your favorite store, you will find one. These bloggers put a LOT of time into these matchups!

4. When you make your shopping list, check out a coupon database, like ones at, and you can search by the name! This is a great way to pair coupons with sales!

Stop by tomorrow for some more!

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