Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hospitals are saying NO to early c-sections.

Here is the article I am discussing:

The basics of the article is that 17 Oregon hospitals will no longer allow elective c-sections before 39 weeks of pregnancy. I think this issue has two important sides: the rights of the woman to choose and the rights of the baby to be born healthy. I personally had a C-section right at 39 weeks, but mine was not planned. Luckily, my daughter was given the highest APGAR score the doctor would give to a baby born via C-Section.

As a pregnant woman, I can completely understand the feeling of get this baby out of me. By the middle/end of the third trimester, most women are miserable. I tried everything to get my baby to come early. (Ok, maybe not everything, but spicy foods, walking, etc.) I am happy hospitals are taking steps to encourage moms to stay pregnant longer. But I think there is a major failure on the part of some doctors and medical associations to not share the benefits. I personally had no idea the vital developments that happen after 37 weeks. As far as I knew 37 weeks was full term and the baby should come right around then.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I am so glad about this! C-sections should be last resort.
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  2. I'm glad women are thinking about this more and remembering pregnancy isn't like standing in a line waiting for the cashier to hurry up and check you out. :) You might like -- written by Gena Kirby. She sits on the national attachment parenting board with Dr. Sears and is very tuned into these matters. She also has a blogtalk show.

    I found your blog through the Social Moms Blog Network thread.