Sunday, August 14, 2011

Downy Unstoppables Review

I was recently given a sample of the new Downy Unstopables. I thought it was going to be a liquid, but instead they were little beads! You put it in the washer along with your detergent and/or your fabric softener. The Unstopables are designed to leave your laundry smelling like it just came out of the driver for a long time. 

I put it in with our sheets and designed this would be a good challenge for it. We have three dogs, who get in the bed even though they aren't supposed to, and a one year old! It did make everything smell super fresh for a bit after the wash. But after two days, the smell was pretty much gone. 

I think this product would work great if it didn't have the dogs and the baby combating the good smell. I think it would work great if you lived in a house without pets, but if you have pets, it probably isn't worth the cost.

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